• ‘Nice Betta Thailand’ are scammers

    Nice Betta Thailand‘ is a Betta fish farm in Thailand that sells Betta fish internationally. Their website displays pictures of high quality Bettas, but they send different fish of much poorer quality.

    They rely on the fact that international buyers will not return the fish or pay the high transport fees to get a replacement.

    They decline refunds and blame the transport for the poor quality of the fish.

    I have created this page after a friend of mine received a deformed double tail Betta fish that was advertised as a very high quality. ‘Nice Betta Thailand‘ declined to refund the cost of the deformed fish and my friend had to euthanatize it as the fish was struggling to swim.

    You can see the poor quality fish ‘Nice Betta Thailand‘ sends in the video below.

    Please beware if you plan to order Betta fish from ‘Nice Betta Thailand‘ as you may receive a poor quality fish at a high cost. In the UK we call them scammers.
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